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JRN 493 Week 7: Fallout

Last week, I talked about some layoffs that the company underwent. This week, I’m going to talk about the fallout; the bad and the opportunities presented (I don’t think there’s any “good” to layoffs).  Continue reading


JRN 493 Week 6: Rumors and Innuendo

Wednesday, everyone in the documentation department gets an email for a meeting. No big deal; we have department-wide meetings all the time. But those meetings are normally scheduled weeks in advance, not for the next day. And usually those meetings have some sort of indication of what they’ll be about. And some of the writers were complaining about not being able to contact people in development earlier… Continue reading

JRN 493 Week 5: Collaboration and Coordination

This week, on Thursday, Allscripts documentation did something a little different; the entire documentation team in all locations (Raleigh, Chicago, Boston and Malvern) worked on the same project. Normally, we’re all working on our variety of applications that we “own” the documentation for, but Thursday we were all organizing, classifying, and copy-editing previously written documentation. And it showed me quite a bit about how much can be accomplished when you coordinate with your team.  Continue reading

JRN 493 Week 4: Mentors in the Workplace

No matter where you work; it’s great to have a workplace mentor; someone you can go to when you need advice. The documentation department I work with is full of candidates because I’m still fairly new to Allscripts and technical writing work in general. But I do have one such guru.

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JRN 493 Week 3: Nurturing Corporate Culture through PTO

Anywhere you work will have paid time off (PTO), but every work culture of how it’s utilized is a little different. When I was at MLive, you could call in sick, but the culture was such that you were discouraged from doing so. Because of the volume of pieces being put out on a nightly basis, you were reminded that you being out meant more work for everyone else, and that guilt would make you come in when you weren’t feeling your best.

Allscripts handles things a little differently.

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JRN 493 Week 2: Present and Future Goals

This class, from what I understand, is supposed to help me chronicle what I’m learning and what I learn in my experiences at Allscripts. Allscripts, too, has a measurable way to chronicle what I’m learning; they have us set goals at the beginning of the year. That’s what I’m doing this week.

Or, at least, that’s what I’m trying to do. I always have trouble formulating goals. Not because I don’t know what I want to accomplish this year, but because it’s harder to say exactly the steps you take to accomplish it. Or, if the goal is something like “get better at x” when do you know you’re “better?” Continue reading

JRN 493 002 Week 1: How’d we get here?

Hey. I’m Lazarus Jackson, journalism student, full-time associate technical writer, and human. And this is an archive of the work I’m doing for JRN 493 Sec 002.

It’s as good a question to start with as any: What AM I doing? Well, right now my main focus is doing the documentation for the Allscripts application Sunrise Patient Financials. That’s a lot of words that might seem unfamiliar to the world of journalism, so lets break them down: Continue reading