JRN 493 Week 7: Fallout

Last week, I talked about some layoffs that the company underwent. This week, I’m going to talk about the fallout; the bad and the opportunities presented (I don’t think there’s any “good” to layoffs). 

Starting with the bad, a fellow tech writer in Chicago was laid off. He had come up to Raleigh a few times and seemed like a fun guy to talk to, and his goodbye email was positive and witty, so he seemed in good spirits. I hope he lands on his feet. He actually worked on the application I work on secondarily, and I had passed some product teams to him in order to focus on my primary application.

There lies the opportunity presented: I get the opportunity to take those product teams back and expand roles on my secondary application. The initial reason I passed those teams to him was to focus more of my efforts on my primary application, because the documentation planning system wasn’t in place like it is now. However, now I get to display to my manager that I’ve grown as a writer, can handle the increased workload, and still be as effective for both applications.

Another bad aspect of the layoffs was the organizational restructuring that followed. For the secondary application I work on, some individuals got promoted as a result of the layoffs, which is good on for them personally. However, it means their knowledge has to be transferred so someone else can fill their old positions, which takes time and energy that some would probably like to use learning the ins and out of their new position.

I don’t like to harp on the same aspect of my job two weeks in a row; the purpose of these blog entries is to catalog the variety of experiences I have in this capacity. However, the layoffs had such an impact on day-to-day work that I felt justified in bringing it up twice. I don’t mean to imply that everything’s bad at Allscripts or that everyone is confused about what’s going on. But when confusion is noticeable and you can trace the source back to the layoffs, that interests me and I find it worth mentioning.

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