JRN 493 002 Week 1: How’d we get here?

Hey. I’m Lazarus Jackson, journalism student, full-time associate technical writer, and human. And this is an archive of the work I’m doing for JRN 493 Sec 002.

It’s as good a question to start with as any: What AM I doing? Well, right now my main focus is doing the documentation for the Allscripts application Sunrise Patient Financials. That’s a lot of words that might seem unfamiliar to the world of journalism, so lets break them down:

Documentation is the content I produce for Allscripts that provides context on how to use the product to clients. This is where tech writing is super similar to journalism; the main focus is providing relevant content to an audience (readers vs. clients) that has a limited capacity for processing said information. Whether its how to select the correct insurance to bill on a hospital visit or the results of a school board meeting, people really only want to read the part that applies to them. Context in your content is king of journalism and technical writing.

Allscripts is my employer. When asked what Allscripts is, I tell people it’s a healthcare IT firm; we make the applications that keep hospitals running smoothly. I love working here; health care is an awesome field to be in right now, the work atmosphere is supportive and fun, my manager is extremely helpful and the pay is great! The Allscripts office I work in is located in Raleigh, NC, even though most of the people I work with are located in the Boston area and India.

Sunrise Patient Financials is the application I’m currently writing the majority of my documentation for. It basically helps hospitals bill patients and insurance companies (it’s really a ton more complicated than that). I could tell you more, but unless you’re a hospital administrator, it wouldn’t interest you greatly.

It’s strange to return to this blog after so long, but in the long run I think it’ll help you, the reader, understand what I’m doing this semester and how that’s affect my career in the future. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to update my resume so I can post it on this blog. See you around.

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